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The problem that need to pay attention to the selection of gas pressure reducing valve

Add Time:2015-11-20

Pressure relief valve inlet pressure should be controlled at a given value of 80% ~ 105%, such as over the range, the performance of the valve will be affected.
1 usually the valve after the valve pressure P2 should be less than the valve before the pressure of 0.5 times, that is, P2<0.5P1.
2 pressure relief valve each spring only within a certain range of export pressure applied, beyond the range should be replaced by the spring.
3 in the medium working temperature is relatively high, the general selection of pilot operated piston type valve or pilot bellows valve.
4 medium for air or water (liquid) occasions, the general should choose a direct role in the film type of pressure relief valve or pilot type film type valve.
5 medium for steam occasions, should choose the pilot piston type valve or pilot bellows type valve.
6 for operation, adjustment and maintenance of the convenient, reducing valve should be installed in the horizontal pipe.
Depending on the type of pressure relief valve and the pressure regulator accuracy, the maximum output flow is selected according to the requirement. To determine the valve of the gas pressure, it should be greater than the maximum output pressure 0.1MPa. Valve is usually installed after the water separating gas filter, oil mist, or fixed value of the device before, and be careful not to import and export of anti access; valve when not in use should be the knob relax, in order to avoid the deformation of diaphragm compression often affect their performance.