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Sealing of gas ball valve

Add Time:2015-11-20

In the natural gas pipeline, there is a relatively common valve, gas valve due to its special use, and therefore the sealing performance requirements are relatively high, it is how to ensure the sealing performance of it?
In the design of the structure of the valve seat, there are generally two ways, such as the design of the downstream valve seat and the design of double piston effect. For the first kind of valve seat design, in its closed state, when the pipeline pressure on its upstream valve seat ring, the valve seat to its sphere, and if the medium from its upstream leakage into its valve chamber, when the valve chamber internal pressure is higher than its downstream pipeline pressure, its downstream of the valve chamber pressure pressure to its downstream to its discharge. And if the second form of the valve seat, normal circumstances its pressure is the role of the valve seat sealing ring end, so that the sealing ring to its body to produce a corresponding squeeze pressure, so that the sealing ring and its body to form a relatively reliable sealing structure.
Even in case of leakage of its valve seat, the pressure will be directly into its body, directly acting on the inside of its upstream sealing surface, and its valve seat sealing ring to produce a squeeze pressure, so that the valve seat sealing ring to its body slowly close, so as to form a more reliable and effective sealing structure, sealing performance to ensure.